Since 1886, Dahlman has been providing industrial filtration solutions to clients worldwide. With our enthusiastic and highly qualified staff we are able to design, develop, engineer and produce our products in-house in our modern factory at Maassluis, near the busy port of Rotterda.
Dahlman is fully qualified to various norms and standards including: ISO, VCA**, ASME, PED etc. But quality is not only about paper qualifications. It is also a mindset which can be recognised in all of our employees.
Quality is often just going that extra mile and taking a little extra care. Our staff are all carefully selected specialists, each dedicated to doing his or her job to the highest possible levels.
Naturally we have a Quality Control manager at company level. However, every project is also carefully controlled and monitored by a specially selected project manager.
His function is to ensure that every aspect of development and engineering is under close scrutiny to ensure that our products are built to specification, built safely and will also give years of reliable service to the end-user. At Dahlman we take quality very seriously indeedAs mentioned earlier, Dahlman enjoys an independence in the market place which gives us a unique edge over many of our competitors.
Indeed, it can be said that we have all the strings in-hand, as can be seen from the list of our in-house capabilities below:
  • Laboratory Testing & Analysis.
  • On Site Pilot Testing.
  • Process Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Production & Assembly.
  • Testing (FAT).
  • Installation, start-up & Commissioning.
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